Why RPA and why us?

RPA an essential part of all process automation

With robotic process automation (RPA) you can:

  • have a virtual workforce at your disposal
  • enjoy a limitless supply of high quality labour, costing 1/10th of your existing workforce
    • that needs no training and works 24/7, 365 days a year
    • and can instantly exchange their work with another
  • increase regulatory compliance to unprecedented levels
  • decrease your offshore footprint by up to 70%
  • reduce operational costs by nearly 50%
  • bring your legacy systems into the digital age without any new coding

That world is here now. There is practically no risk and the programme can pay for itself in 12 months.

But this cannot be achieve by robotics software alone, it requires the combination of

  1. highly experienced process analysts and automation technicians
  2. a best practice fully developed methodology
  3. expertise in each of the leading automation technologies and how to link them together
  4. a training academy allowing you to manage ongoing operations independently
  5. an in-house centre of excellence for process automation
  6. skilled and experienced change and programme management

This is where we come in. Virtual operations specialises in process automation. We are able to bring all of these success factors to bear, for you.