Robotic Process Automation in Healthcare

RPA heals healthcare process inefficiency

More than ever healthcare organisations face tough challenges in their efforts to control costs while delivering higher quality services.   This is true for hospitals and health systems, physician groups, health plans, and healthcare service providers.

Healthcare Services Providers

While many of these challenges impact healthcare service providers on a variety of fronts it is particularly true in the area of healthcare companies’ revenue management.  Virtual Operations supports healthcare providers by helping them apply process automation to many of the most labour intensive, costly and error prone activities within healthcare revenue management, keeping processes efficient and compliant, which accelerates cash flow, reduces accounts receivables and minimises un-collectable debt write-offs and re-work. Functional process areas for healthcare organizations to consider for process automation include:

  • Patient Scheduling
  • Coding
  • Claims Administration
  • Clinical Integration
  • Enrolment and Eligibility
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Charge Capture
  • Billing and Compliance
  • Audit Management
  • Secondary Claims Management
  • Accounts receivable/denial recovery
  • Patient Self-pay Administration

Process automation solutions help accelerate workflows, improve accuracy and free internal staff to focus on true process exceptions, customer service and higher-value analytical/creative activities. It enhances processes from patient registration to final collection.  Benefits include:

  • Decreasing AR days, increasing reimbursements and enhancing coding compliance
  • Improving billing efficiency to accelerate cash flow, reduce accounts receivables and minimise write-offs
  • Accelerating turnaround of claims and payments
  • More accurately and more rapidly resolving aged receivables
  • Validating health plans and third party insurance eligibility
  • Optimising secondary claim processing and follow-up
  • Improving processes for patient-responsible balances
  • Better data quality and faster processing to improve compliance on claims filings

Hospital Management and Patient Care

Front-line healthcare providers are continually challenged to deliver high quality patient care and are required more and more to demonstrate value for money. Process automation is able to support both these high level objectives.

Hospital back-office administration can reap the same type of benefits as any other large organisation through the automation of processes described in ‘Shared Services‘. Other healthcare specific administration processes can also be automated, such as:

  • Patient booking and records management and reconciliation
  • Patient analysis and reporting
  • Supporting the patient journey
  • Integration of national and local patient records systems
  • Stock control in, for example, pharmacy or sterile equipment
  • Outpatient Appointment Outcomes
  • Community care admin and mobile/tablet/other digital-device integration
  • HR processing – both for applicants and employees

Whether you are a health system, physician group, health plan, or a healthcare outsourcing provider, process automation and business process experts from Virtual Operations can help you meet these challenges and spend more time focused on providing quality patient care.