Key questions to consider

Which robotic process automation software technology is for you? – Key questions

As three billion consumers join the global middle class in the next few decades conventional operating models will come under increasing strain. In the fight to keep operational processes optimised, whether onshore, offshore or a blend of both, many organisations are now looking to reshape operations to make them more agile and responsive to change.

The choice of technology is usually quite straightforward.  We use a balance of the following considerations:

Your business

  1. How large is your organisation and do you have a number of addressable processes?
  2. Where are you located and how dispersed are your operations?
  3. Do you have a high-risk or highly-regulated environment?

Your objectives

  1. Are you looking to reduce/redeploy staff or enable them to do other thinks?
  2. How scalable would you like to outcome to be?
  3. How many processes and applications need to be integrated?
  4. How much management information, audit trail and analytics would you like?
  5. Is standardisation a requirement? (e.g. post merger situations or rationalisation programmes).

The project

  1. Will the automation programme be Operations led?
  2. Do you wish to build your own team?
  3. Are the processes to be ‘captured’ not simply ’recorded’?
  4. Will the deployment require ‘robot’ scheduling? (where by multiple ‘robots’ can be scheduled at different times for a number of different processes).
  5. Where will the technology and applications be? (e.g. Data centre / Cloud / Citrix
  6. How do you want to buy process automation services?

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