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World Economic Forum (WEF) Future of Jobs report suggested women will miss out more than men: By 2020, men will lose nearly 4 million jobs while gaining 1.4 million – approximately one new job created for every three gone. But women will face 3 million jobs lost and gain just 550,000 – more than five positions lost for every one created.  We believe this traditional view is outdated and opportunities for women will be plentiful.

The rise of robotic and cognitive organisations. The CBI and Deloitte explore how to get started. deloitte
Robotic Automation in healthcare: Part 1

The Association of Talent Development explores the role of RPA in healthcare. Click to read more.

Tempted to rewrite Bill Gates rules on automation? rules-of-automation

Does RPA challenge the rules of automation? Not yet at least…Click to read more

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