RPA consulting

RPA consulting and services

We create operational excellence through a disciplined assessment of what robotic process automation is viable, putting it into action and finding quick ways of replicating success.

To start realising the benefits of robotic process automation we work alongside our clients to catalogue, rank and prioritise candidate automation processes. Our developers and project managers help clients design and implement their processes and, in many cases, to build joint agility teams. This gives our clients the ability to rapidly and cost-effectively build internal process development and optimization capability.

We are totally independent about the choice of technology for our clients and often implement and manage automation solutions that combine robotic process automation with artificial intelligence to facilitate true end-to-end operations. Our independence allows clients to future-proof their programmes by not tying them to one technology.

We are happy to price on a pay as-you-use basis or by value delivered. We have no desire to wrap our services in unnecessary consulting layers. We only provide our clients with whatever is necessary for them to derive full value from their automation initiatives.

Discover. Enable. Optimise. Sustain. Support

By capitalising on the power of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and executing well, organisations can create sustainable operational transformation and deliver significant shareholder value.

There are draw-backs and pitfalls. To help secure an optimised path for our clients our services include: Discover, Enable, Optimise, Sustain, Support. You can engage us at the start or part way through – we are always happy to add insight, experience, great implementation skills and plenty of refreshing ideas.

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  • Discover

    Develop enterprise-wide process automation strategy

    Select most suitable automation tool and tool combinations

    Identify high value automation opportunities

  • Enable

    Secure automation go-ahead  through business case development and piloting

    Implement projects, and tool configuration

    Establish joint agility team to provide immediate development capability and expert coaching

  • Optimise

    Enhance value and increase benefits through automation-enabled organisational and operational transformation

  • Sustain

    Build proficiency by establishing automation Centre of Excellence

    Train to achieve RPA accreditation through the only independent RPA Academy

    Align Virtual Operations full RPA life cycle methodology to suit your own service management and governance landscape

  • Support

    Provide supplier management and licensing through VAR agreements offering flexible and improved pricing models

    Run global production support 24 x 7

    Save time, simplify implementation, increase success and develop internal expertise.