RPA methodology

“Using VOLT often reduces project lifecycle times by 15%. We expect it to pay for itself within 6-9 months.”

Nick AndrewsExecutive Chairman, Virtual Operations

Virtual Operations VOLT

VOLT is Virtual Operations’ comprehensive web-enabled methodology for automation practitioners, project managers and leadership teams.  As part of our client empowerment philosophy and with dozens of successful implementations under our collective belts we have refined our methodology and made it available for our clients to help them reap the benefits of RPA/automation, minimise the pitfalls along the way, and accelerate process transformation.

Using VOLT will help organisations get more from automation projects more quickly by standardising, de-risking and accelerating what can be achieved.

Coming early to the intelligent process automation market we have seen that the two of the most critical success factors for automation are;

  1. experienced practitioners
  2. being highly organised in approach, execution and governance

VOLT is part of the Virtual Operations’ Client Empowerment Program, intended to enable organisations to rapidly develop all the skills and best practices required for successful automation in-house. The program also includes our Training Academy.

VOLT Automation Methodology – available!

The VOLT methodology encapsulates learning from multiple large scale automation programs and many man-years of experience. Tried, tested and proven, it represents the very best practice in a rapidly evolving process automation industry.

Using VOLT will help organisations standardise their approach, significantly reduce project life cycle times, de-risk programmes and greatly enhance governance and compliance.


  • Standardise!

  • De-risk!

  • Accelerate!

  • accelerate route to value
  • increase speed to competence
  • reduce project lifecycle time
  • fine tune strategy
  • optimise design
  • speed implementation
  • simplify replication
  • authenticate governance
  • augment best practice

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VOLT provides:

  • An end-to-end planning chart of steps necessary to deliver automation projects
  • Descriptions of the steps within the planning charts
  • Templates, tools, techniques, aids to support automation projects

VOLT gives clients and subscribers a framework for driving and sustaining process automation, ensuring each specific project’s objectives are met, delivered in a consistent and repeatable way and are aligned with the overall automation strategy.

  • It creates value by aligning and directing activity alongside business drivers for a project and it provides the program management to connect all involved stakeholders.
  • The value is sustained by all employees, regardless of capability or industry group, using the same workflows and templates. This consistent use helps speed to maturity overall and competence for new joiners.

The methodology includes:

  • Click down, web-based schematics
  • Each schematic has guidance narrative, checklists, navigators and tools /templates required at each stage of any project/program.
  • Approaches – such as the “how to series” 
  • Training courses (many on-line) and classes for developers, practitioners and leadership teams

VOLT is available for license annually.

The charts below illustrate the overall navigation at the highest level and an example timeline. Each individual program or project will have a unique timeline based on the client organization.